Explore Asheville's Finest Local Breweries!


Asheville Brewery Tours invites you on an unforgettable journey through the city's thriving beer scene.  We are your ultimate guide to Asheville's finest breweries! Get exclusive access to unique locations, expertly curated tastings and a laid-back experience for beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours
Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours
Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours
Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours

Unforgettable Craft Beer Adventures

Experience Asheville's Best Brewery Tour

With over 400 unique brews crafted in Asheville every week, navigating the AVL Beer Scene might seem daunting. Fear not! The expert guides at Asheville Brewery Tours will take you behind the scenes, introducing you to your new favorite craft brews and hidden gems.

Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours

Local Expert Guides

Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours

Visit Three Breweries

Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours

Enjoy 9 Samples

Your personal local beer expert will guide you to 3 breweries, sampling 3 different local brews at each location, spanning in style, flavor and color.

Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours
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Years In Business

Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours
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Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours
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Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville Brewery Tours
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Exclusive Craft Beer Access

Why Choose Asheville Brewery Tours

Enjoy on a fun, informative, and laid-back tour, where you'll learn about the craft beer process and indulge in some of Asheville's most acclaimed craft creations. Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will handpick a diverse selection of tastings at three distinct breweries featuring local favorites, innovative brews, and seasonal delights. By the time you're done, you'll know all about Asheville's beer landscape, one of the nation's top craft brewing capitals.

Mobile Tours

Embark on a mobile adventure to Asheville's outlying craft breweries, experiencing exclusive tastings and behind-the-scenes access with our expert-guided tours.

Walking Tours

Discover the rich brewing heritage of Asheville's historic downtown on foot, as our knowledgeable and entertaining guides unveil the stories behind each unique brewery.


Private Tours

Create unforgettable memories with a private brewery tour tailored to your preferences or special occasion. Have a large group? The team can handle up to 100 people.

Jen F.

My husband and I enjoy a good beer but are far from connoisseurs. We discovered this tour online and signed up. We had a great time and our guide was very knowledgeable! Learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. I would definitely recommend it!

Isabel W.

I loved this tour! Would definitely take another. The guides are relaxed and the vibe is casual. After a couple tastes, your group begins to feel more like friends as you travel to different breweries. The pours were generous and exploratory of the different offerings each brewery had.

Patrick R.

Our guide was quite knowledgeable about the brewing process. He gave a great tour and was easy going and personable. Our group got along well and we all hugged bye at the end. It was a quick 3 hours, but well worth the price and the time. Plus, lots of different beers to try!

Caitlin B.

We had a blast! This was the highlight of our Asheville trip. Our guide was knowledgeable and made sure everyone on the tour got to try beers they liked. She took us to awesome spots and the group size was just right. She also gave us great recommendations for places to go after the tour.

Scott P.

We booked this tour when we were in Asheville for our honeymoon and it was such a fun time. Jason was an excellent tour guide! He did a fantastic job. The tour was a blast - we’d recommended this tour as a must stop on your trip! A great way to see Asheville and taste really good beers!!! 10/10 recommend!

Recent Reviews

Discover why our guests rave about Asheville Brewery Tours, and join the growing list of satisfied beer enthusiasts who've experienced the best of Asheville's craft brewing scene.

Why Choose Asheville Brewery Tours

Journey Through Asheville's Beer Haven

For the last 10+ years, Asheville Brewery Tours has offered the following experiences:

  • A walking tour of breweries nestled within Asheville's historic downtown district, where you'll explore the city's rich brewing heritage on foot.
  • A mobile tour of Asheville's outlying craft breweries, where we'll provide transportation, gives you exclusive brewery experiences beyond the city center.
  • Private tours tailored to your preferences are perfect for special occasions or groups seeking a personalized brewery adventure.

Join Asheville Brewery Tours for an exceptional beer experience, where we combine exclusive access and a passion for craft brewing to create memories you'll cherish for years to come.

Our Pricing

Asheville Brewery Tours: Crafted for You

Set out on a captivating journey through Asheville's finest breweries as our knowledgeable and entertaining guides lead you to discover the city's brewing secrets.

$79/ person

Experience Asheville’s hidden brewery gems on wheels, with our mobile tours that provide exclusive tastings, expert guidance, and behind-the-scenes brewery access.

$69/ Person

Delve into the rich brewing heritage of Asheville’s historic downtown on foot, as our knowledgeable and entertaining guides unveil the stories and flavors behind each unique brewery.

$79/ Person

Make your special occasion unforgettable with a custom private brewery tour, tailored to your group’s preferences and showcasing the best of Asheville’s craft beer scene.

Explore the Heart of Asheville's Thriving Brew Scene

Our brewery tours are designed for beer lovers, by beer lovers. Enjoy unique experiences, exclusive brewery access, and a fun-filled exploration of Asheville's craft beer landscape. Book your expert-guided brewery tour today and explore Asheville's vibrant beer scene like never before!